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March 2021

We are very excited to share with you that we are now DMK stockists.

DMK treatments and products work together for total skin revision.

The DMK concept is simply about restoring balance and enhancing optimal skin function. Regardless of your ethnic background, gender, age or skin condition, DMK offers you an effective skin revision program.

DMK utilises the philosophy of Remove, Rebuild, Protect & Maintain.

DMK’s unique Oxygen Therapy treatments are Real Oxygen Therapy from the inside out!.

You can actually see the capillaries opening up, pumping more blood, oxygen & nutrients into the skin, as well as carrying away impurities.

You have to see it to believe it.

DMK Skin products are transdermal. They use chemistry that the skin recognises, which allows them to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Skin tightening and toning is noticeable after the very first treatment.

We know you are all going to love DMK as much as we do.

January 2021

Two exciting new products launched from Environ Skincare.

Not only does UV & Pollution cause free radical damage to our skin but Blue Light omitted from Electrical Device screens is just as damaging.

These NEW products could not have come at a better, as we spend more & more time in front of Laptops, Tablets etc.

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