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Environ Focus Care Gold Cosmetic Roll-Cit has 260 stainless steel needles which are 0.2mm long.

Use 5-7 times per week to enhance pentetration of Environ home care products.


Benefits of Gold Roll Cit:

  • Naturally Anti-bacterical
  • 260 ultra fine surggical grade 0.2mm micro-needles
  • Safe & hygeinic
  • Painless Micro-needling
  • Deeper pentetration of active skincare ingredients



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  • Once your skin is acclimatised to level 2 AVST or C-Quence you can include home micro-needling to enhance the penetration of active ingredients.

    Start with 2 evenings per week building up to 5-7 evenings.

    • Pre-cleanse, cleanse, and tone. 
    • Divide the area to be treated into sections.
    •  Roll each area vertically, obliquely and horizontally.
    • Use a mild but firm pressure
    • Roll 5 – 10 minutes maximum.
    • Follow with recommended/preferred Environ boosters and vitamin A creams.
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