£49.50 - £60.00

Known professionally as Telangiectasia, red veins are commonly referred to as broken veins, dilated capillaries, thread veins or naevi.
The appearance is that of a very fine network of red wavy lines that lie at very close to the surface of the skin. They may appear in clusters or individually, some being darker than others. A cluster of the red lines or capillaries can take on the appearance of a spider therefore are often referred to as spider naevi. 

The treatment is using an Advanced Electrolysis technique  which consists of a tiny sterilise disposable needle that is applied lightly to the surface of the capillary.

A low current is employed which produces a heating effect and when applied to the capillary the structure and its contents coagulate (dries up).

The skin then needs to heal allowing the dead skin cells that where involved in this process to push up to the surface of the skin and flake off, (similar to the healing of a small abrasion (the size of a pin prick). 

£49.50 - £60.00 dependant on time required.

Price includes a check up/top up appointment to be taken within 6 weeks of initial treatment.

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