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Retinol Serum 1 can be added to your routine only when your skin has become acclimatised to AVST 5 or CQ 4 Plus & Defence Creme Plus. 


This serum have been formulated with high concentrations of vitamin A and are designed to help normalise, refine and improve the skin’s overall appearance.

Assists in improving the appearance of uneven skin tone

Helps to refine the look of skin texture, giving your skin a firmer and smoother appearance.

Assists in reducing and improving the appearance of premature aging and fine lines.


SKU: 6009660365966
    • After pre-cleansing, cleansing and toning apply Retinol 1 to face and neck, then follow with a Environ vitamin A Moisturiser.
    • Alternatively add one drop to your preferred moisturiser each evening in the beginning and then slowly increase to the full dose once your skin is comfortable.
    • Best used in the evenings.
    • Only to be used by those who have already acclimatised to AVST 5 or Ionzyme® C-Quence 3.
    • Suitable for photo-aged skin, uneven skin tone and problematic skin types.
    • Not suitable for those with highly sensitive skin. As this product contains ultra-high levels of vitamin A, please consult your qualified Environ stockist before beginning use.
    • Sunburn Alert: This product does not contain a sunscreen. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product.



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